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David Ross
Managing Director

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Welcome to Make Tax Digital Ltd

We are here to provide the best possible Tax and Accountancy service for the Self-employed

A progressive partnership with our customers
My 42 years' experience in Taxes (9 with the old Inland Revenue, 33 in private practice), have taught me to provide a service tailored to individual needs.

These days, and increasingly, your tax data has to be "made digital" and squeezed down a pipe to HMRC. You might be really tech-savvy, or you might have to hand over a shoebox of receipts, but someone has to format it for submission.

HMRC seems to think this will be easy and has run too fast, but they have read the Big Picture right. They have seen how eagerly we the Public adopt new technology, from Facebook to online shopping and internet banking - and it is sensible that Government cuts administration costs just like every other business. As they evolve, taxpayers and accountants need to respond flexibly.

Our company is set up to adapt to you. Each customer gets a dedicated caseworker for their daily needs, who will help in gathering and scheduling financial data in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

This work is backed up and supervised by an experienced tax expert, available at all times for consultation and overseeing the final submission of annual Tax Returns. We have the software, experience and knowledge to do this to your best advantage.

Over time, you the customer can - with our help - pick up new skills, and together we will seek out new technologies and work with them as they develop.

Please join us on this exciting journey - you will get our loyalty and we will defend your interests.

You can call me for a chat on 01202 513666, 07967 253111 or
020 3286 1007 - or get in touch via our contact page

David Ross