How it works
This is not a face to face service - we will communicate on the telephone and by email. Everyone is different so we work with you in harvesting your financial data.

HMRC seems to think this is easier than it is! "Photograph your receipt, upload it to software, and file your Return".

We are not so naive - but we do know how to collect from all data sources and how to format it for HMRC.

Using your Bank account to create and harvest data is one of the best methods. We are familiar with different Banks' technologies and how to get the best out of them.

Of course we also have an Agent Portal with HMRC and can see what they 'have on you'.

In short, we provide a person who will work with you - and will teach you simple skills - to get accurate Tax filings. You pay only what you should to HMRC - using the Law and good sense - no silly tricks or cheats.

As you are reading this online, you have some IT skills - but don't worry, we can and will accommodate all levels of expertise
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